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December 07, 2014


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I love when kids are invited to weddings. We had a tiny wedding but Greg's nieces and nephews were there and their uninhibited dancing made it more fun. Love the pics.


They are getting married in June. It will be fun. The wedding Mass will be in the chapel of his high school alma mater (all boys' school -- also my husband and other sons' school) and the reception is at the adjoining commons, which happens to be a beautiful venue.


Hi Julie, It was a great weekend! We also had some kids at our wedding. I miss you also!!!


This was a big family whose oldest daughter got married. A lot of their friends have big families. So , there were a lot of kids! They were all so well behaved though. The dance floor was full with little ones and teenagers and grown ups. It was a blast! Good for you for inviting kids. It will be a fun wedding!! When are they getting married?


So glad you blogged, it's been way too long!! Love the giggly pictures!! We had kids at our wedding, and our kids have been to quite a few weddings, but a lot of them were because people in Mike's family tend to get married more than once :?/ (that's supposed to be like a yikes emoji) Miss you, have a blessed Advent!


It sounds like you had the perfect Thanksgiving weekend! Love that little guy giggling.

And I'm so glad you wrote about how special it was taking your children to a wedding reception. My husband's family has never invited our children (any children) to weddings, and so we never went to any. But when my son became engaged to be married, we said "we're inviting children!" I think children are a fun part of weddings.

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